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Board of Management

Every 4 years, a new Board of Management (BoM)is elected to fulfil duties with regard to the running of the school. The current BoM was elected in November 2019. Members of the community who are concerned with the importance of the school as part of the local community give of their time freely. The Board consists of 2 community representatives,  2 Patron's nominees, 2 parents' nominees, a teachers' nominee and the school principal.

The running of Primary schools is governed by The Education Act 1998 and The Education Welfare Act 2000. The Catholic Primary Schools Management Association (CPSMA) provides support and information to Boards if and when needed. Other supports are available from other sources like St. Senan's Diocesan Office. The BoM follows advice and guidance issued through the "Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2019-2023" which is available by clicking here.

Board Members

Cn. Joseph Shire (Chairperson)

Mr. John Coleman (Treasurer)

Mr. Diarmuid Carroll (Principal)

Mrs. Gerardine Geary (Patron's Nominee)

Mrs. Cecelia McNamara (Community Nominee)

Mr. Joachim O'Kelly (Parent Nominee)

Mrs. Mary Cremin (Parent Nominee)

Mr. Cormac Walsh (Teacher Nominee)