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ActivityClass Journal

Green Flag

Green FlagGreen Flag
Mrs. Watkins/Mrs. O'Donnell

Green Flag for Travel

Since we returned to school this September, we have established the new Green Schools Committee to take on the challenge of achieving our next Green Flag for Travel. We have a lot of tricky work to undertake from evaluating and planning for road safety to changing travel habits and raising awareness. This is the beginning of a two year cycle that will undoubtedly prove difficult but one we are already relishing!

Green Flag for Water

Congratulations to our former Green Schools Committee (G.S.C) and all our pupils on on achieving our green flag for water conservationin early 2018. The G.S.C. evaluated our water habits within the school, examined how much water we use e.g. how much water is wasted when your leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. The GSC ran tests to check for leaks in the school and on the back of such work, the school set out objectives for us to try to achieve throughout the year. In order to reach these goals the G.S.C. has sought to have the following addressed:

  • fix leaking toilet cisterns
  • fix leaking taps
  • design and install a rainwater harvesting system on the school grounds

Please keep an eye on our progress here at , see updates on our Facebook Page and read our weekly notes for weekly updates!

Recent Class News

Fourth and Fifth class girls are taking part in an indoor camogie competition in Martinstown on Wednesday 28th February. Best of luck!

Second Class are practicing hard for First Confessions on March 8th @ 7.30pm

Ms. Hayes' Infants class are learning all about the planets and the Solar System at the moment. Take a minute and ask them to sing their song for you...

Another four groups visited St. Gobnait's for fun and games. Click on the "St. Gobnaits" link under the "Activities" tab above to see more!

Seomra Bhríd recently visited Liskenneth Equestrian Centre for the afternoon. See some of our photos from the day in the gallery on our page!