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St. Gobnaits

St. GobnaitsSt. Gobnaits
All Staff

We visit St. Gobnait's nursing home in Ballyagran a number of times each year. The pupils really look forward to their turn to travel to the other side of the village and enjoy spending time with the residents. They play board games, draw and colour pictures, read stories and play music to name but a few activities. This is a social visit, beneficial for pupils, teachers and residents alike. It is so rewarding to see the children interact so comfortably, removing barriers we may have built up around visiting and spending time with the elderly. Maura and her team in St. Gobnaits run a fantastic ship, one which is the envy of many seeking care for loved ones. In an age that unfortunately sees negative press surround nursing homes and other residential care homes, St. Gobnaits is a beacon of positivity that should be celebrated.

Recent Class News

Pupils of An Cuan returned to school On Monday 22nd February.
Pupils from 1st & 2nd Classes are due back to school from March 1st 2021.
Pupils of 3rd-6th classes are due to return to school on March 15th 2021.