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Punctuality & Attendance


Our school day begins at 9.10am. We ask parents not to drop their children to the school before 9.00am due to supervision limitations. We encourage all children to be at school and ready for their day before 9.10am. Late arrivals will be monitored for any emerging patterns. If your child is late arriving please communicate the reason to their teacher either verbally or in a written note.

Our school day ends at 1.50pm for infants and 2.50pm for the remainder of the pupils. Other activities may be taking place in the school after this time. We ask parents to endeavour to collect children promptly after their day has ended due again to supervision limitations.

School Attendance

It is vital for life skills training and for your child's success at Scoil Béal Átha Grean that his/her attendance is both regular and punctual. Family holidays should be organised to coincide with school holidays where possible please. Absences must be explained either verbally or in a written note to your child's teacher. Túsla and the Educational Welfare Officer are notified in the event of a child being absent for 20 days or more in the course of any one school year. The school also complies with legislation requiring it to pass on information regarding a child's educational progress to her/his new school. Apart from this, all requests for information regarding pupils must be accompanied by written consent from parents.

Advance notice will be given of all school holidays. Please keep school office informed of any change in address or contact numbers.

Appointments During The School Day

Children will be supervised by a teacher for 10 minutes before and after school. Please ensure children are dropped and collected on time. We encourage you to let your child walk in from the school gate and for health and safety reasons, to collect them from the gate in the evening.

Any parent wishing to take a child from school during the day for appointments etc. must sign their child out at the school office. If the person collecting the child is not the designated person, advance communication should be made to the class teacher either by note or by phone in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation arising. The school can only release a child to a known person. This information is furnished to the school upon enrolment. Changes to this arrangement need to be flagged in good time. Should you wish to speak to a teacher please ring the school secretary to make an appointment to avoid disrupting classes. Thank you for your continued co-operation.